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Partner FAQ

We’re Sure You Have Tons of Questions. Here’s A Couple Answers.

How easy is Social Agency's white label integration into my business?

It’s as simple as 1-2-3. We usually have partners all setup and ready to go within 72 hours. The Business process and technology was created with all our partners in mind. Our offering includes different service options for each partner by creating customized features to work for their business lines. We want to make sure our partner program is as user friendly and strong enough to build a solid marketing opportunity, while maximizing reach, scalability and revenues.

Is your pricing competitive vs other SEO companies?

Our SEO tactics are very different from traditional SEO companies. We offer clients effective marketing campaigns, not just SEO. Yes, SEO is our main focus, but another focus we have is client retention. So we decided to include social media marketing, email blasts, directory listings, local Google placement and much more into our SEO packages. These services give us the upper hand as clients don’t want to take on these tasks themselves.

What does white label mean?

In general, white label branding (sometimes called “white labeling”) is a marketing practice in which a service is produced by one company and then rebranded by another company to make it appear to be their own.

What exactly does Social Agency white label?

Social Agency has spent a lot of time developing specific strategies that we know work. All the way from the sales process, to production, to even customer retention.

Here is some white label marketing material we offer upon our partnership:

  • White labeled website
  • White labeled video
  • White labeled contracts
  • White labeled PDF’s
  • White labeled pricing & plans
  • White labeled SEO tools

Here is our white label services we offer upon our partnership:

  • White labeled dedicated phone extension
  • White labeled dedicated email address
  • White labeled SEO production
  • White labeled dedicated sales team
  • White labeled dedicated account manager
  • White labeled dedicated customer service
  • White labeled dedicated technical support

* Marketing material is given to the partner depending on what partnership program you join.

What is the billing process like?

We have 2 different billing models that are simplistic. All billing dates are based on the client signup date.

Strategic Partner

You bill your clients, then we bill you.

Open Partner

We bill your clients directly, then send you a commission check at the beginning of each month. However, this option is not white-labeled.

What Results can be expected from the partnership?

Our main goal is to make sure our clients reach the highest ranking possible. Since SEO offers the highest ROI of all internet marketing, all your clientes will join current clients that have maximized their sites and constantly increasing their online presence,sales and profits.

What kind of companies are we looking to partner with?

Our partners are in several different industries and lines of business. We generally target small to medium size companies with the desire to expand their services without incurring extra expenses and added overhead.

What about Accountability?

Social Agency’s platform offers all partners login access to real time reporting. You will have access to all work for performed for your clients, from beginning to end.

Is there any setup or membership fees to become a partner?

Nope! No setup fees or membership fees! If you’re company is the right fit, the program is free to signup!

Is there any contracts for my clients to sign up?

Contract lengths are 6 months. It is important to consider that in any organic search engine marketing campaign it takes a reasonable length of time to establish your business in the results for the keywords that you target.

What kind of results will I see from Social Agency for my clients?

We have a clear path on what we would like to accomplish. Our main objective is to help all your clients be positioned in the highest ranking possible, while at the same time leveraging the power of SEO to generate more visits, revenue and a solid web presence.

How much can I make with this program?

If you like to know more about your revenue potential, please get in contact with one of our Partner Program Specialist.